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Vintage Lingerie Salon
Luxurious Loungewear page 1
on of star quality vintage lingerie nightgowns, gowns, robes, slips, tedies, tap pants, peignoirs, pajamas, step-ins, camisoles, bed jackets, brassieres, bloomers,

  Couture heavy silk satin 20s 30s vintage bias nightgown.
Bust 34-36
"Heavenly Lingerie by Fischer"   Nightgown
Bust 32
Apricot magnificence! Vintage Rayon Satin Bias Slip Dress
Bust 38-40



Bodacious Beauty!
"Yolande Handmade" Vintage 20's 30's full cut silk bias nightgown.
Plus Size! Bust 42


Luxurious Shanghai Lady! 30s Silk Satin Bias Nightgown!
 Bust 34-36


Ballerina Blue!
 "Yolande Handmade"
30s Bias Nightgown
Bust 38


Harlow Hearts!
Handmade Silk Jacquard 30's bias Nightgown
Bust 34


Aqua Goddess!
"Heavenly Silk Lingerie by Fischer" aqua silk georgette 40's bias nightgown.
Bust 32




Heavenly Fischer rayon bias nightgown.  Unworn!
Bust 32-33


 Noir Goddess!
"Heavenly Silk Lingerie by Fischer" silk georgette 40's  bias nightgown.
Bust 32


d Our lingerie salon offers only the most luxurious quality silk, satin, rayon and lace garments from the finest vintage lingerie manufactures and specialty department stores of the 19th-20th Century.
Peony, Mondaine, Fischer, Yolande, Saks Fifth Ave, Corette, Baryon, Miss New Yorker, Rhythm, Carole, Neiman Marcus, R H Macy, Pandora, Patricia, Eclipse Lingerie, Lady Duff, Laura Lane, Radelle, Radcliffe, Rona-Gay, Gracette, Trillium, Lady Love, La Perla, Lord & Taylor, Pandora, Forty Winks, SAAB, Real Silk, Eastern Isles, Textron, Chevette, CHRISTIAN DIOR LE CONNAISSE, Veronica, Artemis, Juel Park, Lucie Ann Lingerie Beverly Hills, Laros, Bullocks Wilshire, Natori, Victoria's Secret and one-of-a-kind couture pieces.

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